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Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera Act One Teaser


“On the brink of planetary destruction, an otherworldly impulse rallies humans & their out-of-control beasties to save terra firma from corporate destruction in the midst of a concert in Central Park.”

* * *

Big-band vibes and aptly theatrical performances light up the space for the music of this multi-coloured and catchy project Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera.

Introducing things is an infectious anthem of a stage-ready hit, with multiple layers of organic rock guitar, bass, drums, horns and additional instrumental flickers. Even The Cool Succumb provides a memorable taste of the upcoming EP from Beasties, and instantly feels like a contemporary classic just waiting for audience participation.

Finely crafted, with lyrical imagery, riffs and melodies all well-suited to connect with ease, the song appears as both entertaining and meaningful; it’s a fun sound, but there’s clear purpose interwoven in the vibe and lyrics alike – qualities that no doubt run throughout the Beasties incoming catalogue.

Consider the instant variation of Good Old Friend, bringing through that sci-fi aspect whilst presenting a raw arena rock vibe with the reverb-soaked guitars and that eighties drum roll and drop. An entirely fresh direction, but still the identity is clear – and later the details align, too. Once more we’re in a seemingly surface-level realm that ultimately promises way more depth than first expected.

The music is fearlessly showman-like, but also devotedly contemplative; a pairing that’s long been missed from modern music. The formula consists somewhat of an addictive live ditty surrounded and elevated by energy and musical unity that’s brilliantly uplifting.

Elsewhere, songs like Stand Up And Be Counted delve all the more so into purpose – a marching band introducing a call for action that will be the final, closing song of the completed album. Again, the style varies yet fits – eclecticism no doubt making for a compelling experience when the completed project emerges.

Written by Gary Sohmers, with music by Gary and Bill Holloman, and featuring a plethora of singers across the upcoming project, Act One of Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera proves appealing not only for its vast audience relevance in topic but also for its links to some of music history’s most prolific names. As such, the work is professionally crafted, creative and passionate, skilful, and consistently impressive. I look forward to experiencing the whole thing.

Check out Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera via their Website or on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & StoryRocket.

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