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BAZ.M Evil Twin


Anthemic electronic rock with a conceptually intriguing undertone – Glasgow’s BAZ.M captivates with both design and lyric through a bold and energising Evil Twin.

Beginning with a cinematic, reverb-kissed whistle that soon joins forces with a distorted synth riff, Evil Twin starts off as something creatively interesting, and proceeds to further this in consistently unpredictable ways.

The vocal comes in to mix things up initially – a story-line, a certain nostalgic rock rasp that seems born to perform in this way. That quality then proves itself quite limitlessly as the track goes on, the hook exploding into action with the sudden vibrancy of a timeless rock anthem.

All the while, the soundscape evolves in unison with the story and delivery. Powerful riffs inject a catchy level of musicality that begs for you to master it on the guitars, and meanwhile those earlier elements continue to play their roles – keeping things eclectic, characterful, and well-rooted amidst the sound and concept of the song.

The final quarter promises a chaotic intertwining of layers for a truly yesteryear outpouring of energy and meandering vocal layers. That cinematic touch re-emerges, hypnotic and powerful, right before the simplicity of that whistle presents a sudden quietness that allows the weight of the hook to linger and settle in for the long-run.

Really well done, great writing and faultlessly crafted and performed. I’ll be keen to hear where else the music takes BAZ.M in the near future.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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