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Basement Prophet Blue Eyes


Dreamy emo-guitar pairs with a mellow rap delivery and trap rhythms, as Bavaria’s Basement Prophet gets poetic and contemplative, for the ambient groove of Blue Eyes.

Deeply revealing yet also deeply atmospheric, Blue Eyes stands tall on the strength of its rhythm and overall vibe, as well as on the openly personal display of vulnerability and longing that is the lyrical journey.

Things feel decidedly intimate, captivating for their observations and equal parts pain and positivity; this contrasting image of having ‘blue eyes and a dark mind‘ encapsulates that quality well. It continues throughout the verses, and there’s even a slightly raw, homemade recording style to the vocal, allowing it to feel all the more authentic in its realness and humanity.

Rhythmically smooth, mellow yet emotive, the song is easy to vibe to but also compelling the more closely you listen. With each revisit, some new provocative image or idea reaches out to connect, and still from a songwriting perspective we get that essential repeated resolve that is the hook – a return to familiarity, relatable contrast; a moment for the listener to feel involved in the reflective nature of the story.

An interesting style, impressive and unique, fearlessly genuine. I look forward to hearing more.

Check out Basement Project on Instagram, YouTube & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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