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Barcenilla Mira


2020 kicks off with a smooth and melodically entrancing new single from rising artist Barcenilla.

Balancing a fine ear for tuneful progressions, an accessible and easy going, romantic story-line, and a beat that leans back and forth between acoustic world vibes, dance-hall, and classic pop (even with a hint of trap to the drum-line), Mira is an addictive new hit that’s as seductive as it is energizing and catchy.

Recent releases that made waves online include the likes of Señorita, by Cabello and Mendes, a breathy and organic piece of music and performance that quickly captured the hearts of a global audience. Keeping identity at the forefront, but utilizing a select few similar qualities, Mira offers an equally dreamlike pop experience with just enough of that exotic aura to briefly transport listeners; far away from the weight of the world.

A descending melody-line and an intimate, softly raspy vocal lead ride along the top of this creatively and professionally crafted soundscape with subtle confidence and style. The whole thing stands tall on the strength of its own arrangement and intention, and while Barcenilla’s work always succeeds in impressing, even proving memorable, Mira undoubtedly speaks volumes on behalf of a new year with endless levels of potential.

Single out January 4th – Pre-save it here. Find & follow Barcenilla on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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