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Toronto’s K-Pop inspired group BANDIT have released a fully scripted, short-film-like video for their single Dangerous, and both the song and the accompanying visuals offer up something colorfully memorable.

Dangerous is a crisp and clean, well-produced pop song that leans a little towards EDM during its hook. The band let the track build effectively before this, short verse lines and the well thought out video work well to hold an audience’s attention as the music plays. Then when the hook arrives, it hits with impact thanks to the all-round professional touch.

BANDIT bring an infectious use of melody to the scene as well as a fine balance between attitude and accessibility. The sound is notably pop, fresh and upbeat, picking up considerably during the later stages. The girls in the band offer unique voices at each stage, character comes through more and more so, and the pre-chorus section as the intensity rises leads brilliantly towards the drop.

The song’s video has clearly had so much thought and effort put into it, and it suits the energy of the song and the passion of the band in a pretty perfect way. There’s rarely such an extended story-line running throughout a pop video. You get the best of both worlds here – the performance aspect, and something a little more cinematic and captivating.

In terms of mainstream radio, this one weaves its way into your head-space with ease – the professional finish and the creative set-up makes for something that would easily fit among the pop world’s catalogue right now; as well as offering something a little more alternative with that dash of K-Pop about it.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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