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Hey Daisy is one of the most creative and fun videos to emerge so far this year. The song itself steps slowly into your consciousness by means of a rather stunning, lone bass line, soon accompanied by a characterful and part mellow part punk-rock leading vocal. The whole thing makes for a pretty striking and memorable audio-visual experience.

In terms of the songwriting, BANDINTEXAS offer a completely fresh perspective, or at least they present these modern life ideas by means of a brand new approach. So many of the lyrics in Hey Daisy are unpredictable, yet completely addictive in that it’s close to impossible to fight the urge to repeat many of them the second time around.

The way the song has been structured allows for that mellow, early 2000’s soft rock or emo sounding verse to stand in superb contrast with the hard hit of the hook. Of course, to describe the verse in such a way is somewhat lacking – there’s a sensational edge of swagger and style to the melody here and indeed the performances, even so much as bringing a slick and infectious bit of blues rock to the table. This is actually something that’s built upon more and more as the track progresses.

The great thing about the lyrics is that each one has a certain amount of appeal to it that stops you in your tracks a little. You’re unlike to be able to get things done as the song rhythmically dictates the same problem, and with or without the video accompaniment – the song explores and invites you on a fairly irreplaceable journey that far outweighs any of the more responsible or necessary things you might have had planned today.

BANDINTEXAS are a band based in Sydney, Australia. The confusing nature of their name is just one small part of everything that makes them unique. They’ve built an impressive and loyal following over the past couple of years thanks to great song writing, unforgettable live shows, and ever approachable attitudes. The influences of the band members are as limitless as their musical abilities, and fortunately there’s plenty to get soaked up in if you’re a little late to the party.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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