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BABYLON-X Lift You (Feat. Nine Year Sister)


BABYLON-X has crafted something of an ambient masterpiece with this release Lift You. Taking the essence of the original song by Nine Year Sister, the producer veers off down a deeply expressive pathway – one lined with multiple layers of classic synths and riffs, creating a dreamlike, electronically soaked and rather epic soundscape around you.

Lift You as you hear it below presents a listening experience that lasts for over ten minutes. Rather than this making it a longer than average song, it makes it far more of a journey than a simple piece of entertainment or radio-intentional audio. BABYLON-X – producer Maxim Pobihun –  fully utilises the time and space within which the creative process exists, taking on the emotion and depth of the piece, building it up brick by brick, step by step, slowly and surely – making certain never to rush through any moments. This begins with an extended introduction that feels like a simple but beautiful composition in itself. Later on, things evolve pretty consistently, the song itself emerges with the delicate vocals and the passion of the concept, and the aura of the track surrounds you more and more. The leading vocals are stunning, emotionally poignant and holding close to the underlying sentiments of the song in a genuinely entrancing way.

BABYLON-X accompanies every passing moment, or rather – creates it before you, in an overwhelming, drenching manner; and this is not with volume or unnecessary drops or anything that simply screams out for attention – it’s with the simple artistry of expression and the careful meandering of details within the soundscape. The use of contrast is mesmerising, sometimes switching aggressively between the retro distorted and the softer, gentle flickers of notes. This even applies to the use of the leading voice.

The final minutes are where things really come into their own – beginning to conclude the journey, adding a sense of resolve where there was only really anticipation before. The quickness of the beat as it rises, the increasing levels of energy throughout, the shiver-inducing power of those synths and those highs – it’s a huge piece of music that feels genuinely like a short film or something with far more weight than the average recording.

As a producer, BABYLON-X offers an undeniable connection to the art of musical composition and creative expression. To take something that initially inspired him, and re-mould it in a personal, new, and effective way, showcases a fine set of skills. Well worth listening to at volume for those willing to truly lose themselves in the sound.

Stream the track on Spotify. Find & follow BABYLON-X on Twitter. Check out the band Nine Year Sister on Bandcamp.

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