Azure Kai - Fine Wine - Stereo Stickman

Azure Kai Fine Wine


Smooth lounge vibes set a fairly nostalgic scene, before our leading vocalist delves into a breathlessly fast-pasted outpouring of rap bars for a uniquely recognizable overall style.

Azure Kai introduces a contemporary clarity and pace, with the personality and theatrical, story-telling layers of Fine Wine.

Always we resolve to a simple, catchy hook – a welcomed break from the energy elsewhere, completing an impressively original set-up that proves both addictive and memorable.

Warming bass-lines, melodic appeal and choir-like vocal support all make up the multi-coloured embrace of Fine Wine. In amidst this Azure Kai delivers a relentless stream of ideas and reflections on adoration for a significant other – or rather, an object of affection realized over time.

The passion increases throughout, the story evolving from youthful foolishness to reflection and celebration, the music forever bringing the good vibes associated with this underlying tale of life-long attraction.

Really well-performed and produced, quirky and interesting – an easily recognizable hit. I look forward to hearing more from Azure Kai.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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