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AVE Give In


Soaring riffs and the chaotic, hypnotic blending of electronic and distorted rock elements make up the melodic and intense sound of new metal outfit AVE.

Delivering equal parts delicacy and contrast, alongside an immediately memorable, fast-paced synth-riff that cascades all around, Give In details the ache of personal turmoil and lostness, whilst showcasing a band devoted entirely to the energy and passion of the moment.

Proving both haunting and comforting in its display of vulnerability and the piercing contrast between weight and lightness, Give In talks openly about the pressures of contemporary life. It feels increasingly personal and honest, yet the details are made vague enough to connect with a broader audience – a line well-walked, particularly given that this is a debut.

Highlighting a plethora of influences and ultimately delving into a fearlessly committed metal sound, with fragments of Rage in the vocal build-up, Give In evolves consistently throughout its three forty-one lifespan, and the stops and starts are beautifully captured.

The accompanying visuals draw focus to the band’s clear connection and unity, and as such they captivate from start to finish, as the entire group puts in what appears to be the performance of their lives.

Fantastic, in short – authentically purposeful, musically impressive and immersive at the same time; escapism and skill thoughtfully intertwined. I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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