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Toronto Rapper Avalanche the Architect Avalanche the Architect the Album


Backed by a series of albums, single and video releases, the boldly unapologetic Toronto Rapper Avalanche the Architect has been elevating the rap scene for years now. His journey took high aim from the immediate impact of Avalanche the Architect The Album, and culminates with the recent releases of Let There Be War and Woodlands Shogun.

Automatic was a heavy way to introduce the early project and artist, soaring instrumentals backing up anthemic layers of voice and volume, raising the pulse and showcasing a creative with a clear passion for performance.

The voice is unmistakable, the music ballsy and fierce yet artistically eclectic, and as such his repertoire is brilliantly versatile.

Consider the sudden reggae rhythm and space of Big Bumpa Gyal, Jamaican influences injecting a clear degree of alternative culture and good vibes. Or the RnB flavours and topical intentions of Kill Again and Fuck Social Distancing. Always Avalanche the Architect drives with an edge of fearlessness in both volume and purpose.

Fine examples of his artistry and unrelenting freedom on the mic include the minimalist and haunting yet intense You Really Shouldn’t Say That, The Fucking Song, and the contemporary trap tones of Not That Subtle.

Woodlands Shogun is one of his latest releases, highlighting a unique style and image for tens of thousands of fans who’ve followed his journey so far. The video and track alike unite gritty bars and production with clever wordplay and equal parts humour, forceful confidence and ferocity.

2022’s album Let There Be War took these qualities to greater levels still, with impressive storytelling, sharp bars, creative production and a whole new sense of structure and meaning underlying each progression. The opener Talk The Talk instantly promises a fresh level of contemplation that captivates, and the project proceeds to shine light on a plethora of other sides and traits to the Avalanche the Architect sound.

His style is unmistakable, the kind of personality and identity that stands out with ease. Not your ambient listen but something a little heavier and more high-octane – weekend vibes in strong supply, with an energising degree of f*ck the system at their core.

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