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Autumn Ruin Brave The Fall


Not just one of the best bands to come out of Manchester, Autumn Ruin are up there with the very best rock bands we’ve heard this year. From anywhere. I saw them perform live before I even knew who they were, and that’s a great place to start; flawless musicianship, and a wonderfully compelling presence from all five band members. One of those acts that give it their all, no matter what challenges they may be facing on the night. I then stalked them online and gathered up the best bits, to save you some time. Check out the video for Brave the Fall.

Rock music is far from dead. Autumn Ruin are up there with the best of them. Great song writing; really intriguing concepts, lyrically – something I value very highly. It’s a fairly heavy sound, distorted and loud in all the right places, but with captivating and memorable melodies; a winning combination. The instrumental breaks are also effectively placed, but that’s a technical observation and it means I’m thinking way too deeply. The bottom line is; it’s bloody good music. So play it loud. And play it often.

Autumn Ruin are on tour this very winter in the UK – get yourselves tickets to a gig, we whole-heartedly recommend it, and show the guys the love they deserve on Facebook and Twitter. Keep real music alive.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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