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Autos Jaquet Give Me The Keys


Organic indie rock of rhythmic and freestyle appeal combined – Autos Jaquet weave an enchanting web of melody, rising weight and story, with Give Me The Keys.

Featuring a likeably raw presentation of bass, guitars, drums and voice, the single introduces a nostalgic style that’s both engaging for its strength of riff, and captivating for the meandering solo energy alongside this.

The same quality rings out for the vocal sections, a leading voice delivering a fairly accessible rise and fall progression, with intriguing lyrics, and amidst the outer layers we get additional voices reinforcing the warmth of the sound and adding more of that passionate live-style presence.

All of this works its magic from the first listen, a raspy vocal making a fine guiding light throughout the timeless indie arrangement, but the further into the track you get, the more the lyrics and the creatively shifting soundscape begin to reach out.

Ultimately loaded with explosive performance twists and turns, Give Me The Keys naturally evolves from simple and catchy, to intensely immersive and compelling. This hits in everything from the vocal emotion and volume, to the surrounding instrumentation, pace and unity of the completed track. It’s familiar yet not, enjoyable yet also increasingly interesting, and quickly prompts interest in a live show.

I look forward to hearing more from Autos Jaquet, the single is from their upcoming EP ‘GOOD (in a bad way) – out September 30th. This is anthemic writing but with purpose, poetic framing, and equal parts contemplation and grit. Well worth knowing about for those keen to embrace the swiftly re-emerging rock scene.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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