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Austel Crows


Crows by Austel from the Unfold EP is a mechanical and methodical masterpiece that slowly builds to incredible payoff. A beautiful piece of alternative work, Austel’s voice soars across a meticulously master-crafted soundscape. Utilizing the space and depth of the mix to create a certain warmth in an atmosphere that’s decidedly cold, the humanness of the vocal’s contrast so starkly with the metallic and mechanical buzzing and whirring of the music.

Crows is so much more than a song. It’s an atmosphere, a story, a dream inside someone else’s mind. The instrumentation is so complex, so patterned, like a musical mandala, entrancing and intricate enough to get lost in. Austel is not your typical independent garage band pumping out simple songs from a guitar with a catchy chorus. This song, and in fact, the entire EP, are the results of a well learned, meticulous musician bent on showing you music that will actually take you somewhere.

The production quality is impeccable. Every note in place, every track perfectly mastered against every other. The performance is flawless, and the writing evocative. If every musician, or even a tenth of the musicians in the world, wrote with the conviction and understanding of the form the way Austel does, we as a society could already be settling on Mars. It’s refreshing to see such thought put into music and its production, and the results speak for themselves. Crows is but one of the several masterpieces to be found on the Unfold EP, and in all its genius it barely scratches the surface of the talent offered by Austel.

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