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Unrivaled instrumental power and creativity unite to sublime levels, for the extensive and vastly immersive new project from long-time media veteran and artist Douglas Wolf Reid.

This globally collaborative album Visual Music takes listeners on an unprecedented journey of boldly enchanting, energizing and impressive musicianship and composition, offering over thirty minutes of finely-crafted soundscapes and emotive expression combined within a clear sense of intention and soul.

From guitars to live drums, strings, saxophone, bass, voice, keys and all that falls in between, Visual Music is everything its title implies – imaginative by design, and aptly prompting the mind to wander in unique directions for all who delve in.

We begin with the stylishly meandering electric guitar and depths of a high-passion Pursuit. In an instant the high-octane arrangement elevates the mood of the room, feeling both chaotic and purposeful, later falling away into emotive contemplation as we move smoothly into the magic and majesty of The Sorcerer’s Audition.

Following this cinematic rise up through cascading melodies and the heavy tumble and crash of the drums, we sidestep into the lighter-hearted Blues and RnB piece that is Jimmy Jam, before the immense vocal choir-sound and juxtaposed layers of Cirque Show recapture the spotlight for an unpredictable venture.

Juxtaposition and versatility play a key role throughout the entire playlist of Visual Music. Consider the sudden shift to acoustic delicacy and calm for On Douglas Pond, a well-placed moment of reflective contemplation and acoustic intimacy.

Smooth funk adds a level of energy and cool rhythm for Urban Dossier 8f, which leads us well into the sax-kissed and soothing tones of an aptly-titled La La Chillax. After this, Soften The Hammer adds another moment of unexpected creativity, but with an essential degree of melodic and emotive movement from start to finish.

The brief yet striking Blockster injects cinematic drama and intensity, right before the heartbreaking and inspiring Here I Stand offers a thoughtful highlight and blissful moment of uplift and oneness.

For the final curtain our creatives take us through the powerful contrast between peace and war. The post four-minute composition Ukraine Peace and War evolves from acoustic calm into heavy desperation and angst, skillfully incorporating cascading guitar-lines and haunting overtones, for an unsettling and poignant representation of the unjustified horrors of current times.

Bringing together the global talents of Oleh Andrievsky, Irina Markevich (Ukraine), Manuel Trabbuco and Damiano (Italy), Glenn Welman (UK / South Africa), Martin Steapien (Poland), Marco Toba (Argentina), Joylin (Romania), Ivan Krnic (Serbia) and Doug Reid (USA), Visual Music comprises a world of influences from music’s history, and provides a soaring instrumental journey of passion and precision finely intertwined.

Openly a series of rock mini-movies, Visual Music is something of an accidental masterpiece – a timeless album of faultless musicianship and brilliantly artistic presence, showcasing the true breadth of talent the indie world has to offer. Absolutely worth letting play this season and beyond.

Download or stream Augustwolf here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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