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Attack in the 26th Zone Love a Rolling Stone


The ever-alternative Attack in the 26th Zone return this summer with that quickly familiar vocal style but an otherwise entirely new and unpredictable manner of sound design.

Featuring as raw a production style as before, Love a Rolling Stone introduces a powerful marching rhythm, a few synths covering both the high and low ends of the spectrum, the soundscape alone feeling a little like an alternative dance anthem – with plenty of room for remix.

Then you get the singer’s leading vocal, these short fragments of lines, two words at a time, injecting personality and concept in to the process. It’s difficult to piece together a story-line initially, given that everything is so splintered, but the hook does its best to resolve this, reminding you of the title, the underlying story. The accompanying visuals essentially work towards the same goal, but in true Attack in the 26th Zone fashion, there’s plenty left to the imagination.

I may have mentioned Deerhoof as a possible influence in the past – it’s a reference that emerges again, as this act genuinely pave their own way creatively, and approach music in a notably uninhibited, carefree fashion.

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