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Attack in the 26th Zone In a Forest, by a Lake


Attack in the 26th Zone takes a step in a slightly new direction with the long-awaited release of her new single. In a Forest, By a Lake is a song that in theory deals with the value of nature and our inherent connection to it. The video portrays some relevant and beautiful scenes that suit this idea well, and in many ways the ambiance or at least the melody offers a dreamlike, entrancing level of fluidity that moves out around you like water. In many other ways though, there’s a definite intensity to the track – particularly during the latter half – which effectively sees it surpassing any expectations the listener may have, and following its own rules entirely.

Throughout the song, the vocal melody offers a thread of consistency – these delicate, almost whispered lines, this collection of chords, appear in a hypnotic and relentless fashion as the soundscape evolves. This begins in a fairly raw way – a few simple notes emerge with an almost medieval twang about them. The melody stands tall here – this is what captures your attention. The lyrics are washed in reverb and lost a little among the ambiance, but those you do catch give off a sense of personal reflection and truth. There’s also a level of innocence to the vocal delivery that intrigues and adds a further dynamic to the track.

As things progress, the beat kicks in – suddenly there’s drama and weight, and this continues to multiply. Those vocals, however, hold tight to that same level of softness and innocence. It’s an interesting track that doesn’t follow the standard set-up – instead creating around you a sort of experimental, atmospheric moment of artistry that provokes you to think a little more deeply on life.

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