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Attack in the 26th Zone How Long was the Wind Blowing


Presenting listeners with a reverb-washed soundscape and an almost whispered leading vocal performance, Attack in the 26th Zone offers an industrial style, indie-pop sort of musicality, within which certain lyrics make their way to the forefront and provoke thought in an unexpected way. How Long Was the Wind Blowing is an intriguing song, mysterious in many ways, and a bold introduction to the artist.

The music is heavily effected, a thick and distant drum-line guides the way but seems, in itself, as uncertain as the leading character appears to be. Words like anxious or lines that wonder if they’re good enough seem to stand a little taller than the generally delicate, less specific surroundings. There’s undoubtedly something being said, something to be heard and considered.

The second time you listen, the building blocks that make up the song seem to hold a little more strength. The opening instrumentation is familiar now, the chord progression pushes through, the effects move to the backdrop somewhat and you begin to connect with the expression of it all, the art of it, and the reason or artist behind it.

Melodically the song keeps things distinctly simple. This decision is one that again reinforces that sense of anxiety or uncertainty. The simple repetition furthers this. The song has a simple sense of movement, repeating only a few distinct phrases of melody and keeping the ambiance consistent despite one or two well placed structural breaks. The more you listen, the more this initially dark seeming ambiance evolves into something hopeful and bright. You can hear it in any number of ways, as is the synth-pop code. The lower notes of the melody feel melancholy, the higher ones feel optimistic. It’s up to you what you take away from it. The artist’s honesty is unquestionable, her songs feel like diary entries, the music seems to connect directly to the emotions that have crafted it, so the realness is quite powerful.

Stream the music on Spotify. Visit the Attack in the 26th Zone Website for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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