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Producer and artist Aterleö showcases a clear level of creative freedom and uninhibited influence throughout his catalogue of original releases to date. From full-length album mixes to single, hard-hitting alternative EDM tracks – the studio is the playground, and the music speaks volumes on behalf of this.

Psycho kicks things off with immediate late-night intensity – simple layers of distorted synth, bass and rhythm intertwine for a raw and industrial progression.

Rather than adopting a single creative route, the track evolves fairly consistently throughout, switching up the rhythm and injecting new flickers of detail and sci-fi-like sound-play for a genuinely warped and infectious mid-section.

In stark contrast, Aterleö’s full-length album mix of Zelda Downfall leads with a near-acoustic fusion of keys and strings – an orchestral and still simple or minimal set-up, but the precise opposite in terms of mood and intensity to Psycho. Musicianship stands tall, and the project impresses and calms – as well as provides a notably nostalgic journey for fans of the music.

The Kirby: Gloomy Shards Mix album follows a similarly organic musical vein, though here we get a few more layers of rhythm and intricacy, with warmer moods. Even so, there are some clear creative threads throughout Aterleö’s work – simplicity alongside emotion being a clever part of that.

To finish with a definite highlight, aläafw blends the melodic delicacy of the albums with a somewhat darker, again late-night, synth-soaked aura. It rises up slowly, gradually enveloping listeners in this blissfully euphoric, dreamlike and gentle soundscape of hypnotic tranquillity.

The melody again rings true of the Aterleö style – it’s an unpredictable quality, the way these tunes meander, yet it always fits in well with the underlying energy of each track.

With a plethora of originals available online to stream through or download, Aterleö stands out as a producer and creative in his own lane entirely – taking inspiration from the great soundtracks of our time, yet rolling with his own uninhibited artistry alongside this. A refreshing listen – well worth knowing about.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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