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Aspect Ratio For Tonight (Single Version)


Industrial rhythms and hypnotic loops create a heavily eighties-influenced, dramatic yet energizing vibe for this fresh single from Washington’s Aspect Ratio.

Just as you think you know the formula though, the sound reinvents itself, soon veering off towards shoe-gaze with reverb-soaked vocals, throwing in a touch of electro-pop with dreamlike, lighter synths and softness.

Stylistically this is an easy song to enjoy – simply turn it up loud and these layers and this warmth envelop and embrace you. It’s calming and uplifting all at once, and though the lyrics are faint, their distant poetic intimacy connects in subtle ways, and furthers the personal mood of the whole piece.

By the end, the outro riff feels reminiscent of a family film soundtrack from a simpler time. This entrancing quality the track offers is quite blissful by nature, so as soon as the music stops, you’re effectively prompted to set it playing once again – a rare and commendable trait. And when you do, here comes that riff again, and the contrasting weight and intensity of the drum-line – how these elements work so beautifully together is subtly powerful.

Brilliant, a timeless hit with a nostalgic, perhaps Stranger Things-esque air of fantasy.

Grab the single via Bandcamp & look out for the brand new album towards the end of 2020. Find & follow Aspect Ratio on Facebook & Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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