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Aseni Foo 4 Soul


The artist Aseni brings you the natural good vibes required to move your day along in a hopeful and smoothly confident way. Foo 4 Soul offers what the title promises, along with a light and colourful ambiance, and a skillful, stylish leading vocal delivery that utilises only the most thoughtful and smartly crafted lines.

Aseni has done something unexpectedly effective with this release. For what initially feels like your classic, even slightly retro hip hop and jazz crossover backing track, the whole thing later emerges and evolves into multiple other symbols of musical strength. The subject matter alone opens the door to a whole new world of ideas and enhances the mood and feel of the track with every new lyric. Then on top of everything you get this lightly infectious, quickly satisfying hook section – adding a flicker of memorable melody and a reggae-like vocal rhythm to the experience. The track is subtle but certain in its fusion of genres and in generally driving with an authentic approach to expression and a clear love for and connection to music.

Without falling too much into the waters of excessive praise, there’s something about a track like this that makes it need no real introduction. It works its magic from the offset, and with each new listen – every time it reappears in your playlist – it has that instant authority, that good energy and reliability, to let you immediately escape into the moment; or to lift your mood accordingly whenever you need it. The rhythm of the vocal delivery is perfectly suited to the mellow groove of the music, and this meeting of the nostalgically classic and something a little fresher – this new leading artist, this character to follow along – helps make this a top track for the whole of 2018.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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