Art Tawanghar - Perennial Wisdom In 432Hz (Feat. Reza Kashi on Persian Tar and Oud) - Stereo Stickman

Art Tawanghar Perennial Wisdom In 432Hz (Feat. Reza Kashi on Persian Tar and Oud)


Art Tawanghar and Reza Kashi join forces once again, for what proves to be a mighty dose of instrumental intensity and power.

Driving with a clear set of intentions, an underlying concept that has consumed the composer’s thoughts and thus made its way into ours by means of this complex, ever-changing soundscape, Perennial Wisdom tackles the very idea of life and the things we’re taught to believe.

* * *

In the context of Perennial Wisdom, truth is that which leads us beyond alienation and isolation to integration and unity; beyond fear to love; beyond exploitation of the other to justice for all; beyond violence and war to cooperation and peace.

* * *

From delicate beginnings, built from equal parts darkness and light, the track rises up through layers of organic, tribal melody and expression. Before long, fragments of rhythm are injected into the process, flickers of piano, Eastern instrumentation, quick riffs that engage and captivate.

Meanwhile, this warming wash of synth-soaked energy fills the space between details – offering a calming embrace amidst consistent energy and movement. This balance between the smoother elements and those which hit a little harder is brilliantly well-executed.

Then you get the drop to the bigger moment, three minutes in and the entire mood intensifies – darkness and power storm through, taking the reigns and reigniting those initial thoughts of Perennial Wisdom and all that its teachings entail. This global spirituality seeks to make us all realise our oneness, our unity as life itself, and this composition plays a stunning role in drawing focus towards that.

Another unique and completely different piece of music from composer Art Tawanghar and artist Reza Kashi. Musically pristine, skillful, expressive and deeply emotive. Absolutely an audio journey worth experiencing in full, at volume.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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