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Ari B Dance into the Party


It’s often quite easy to tell if an artist releases a pop-meets-EDM style track simply to draw in a certain type of audience, as opposed to just doing it because that’s the music they love – that’s the music that comes naturally to them. With Ari B the latter is categorically the case. This latest release comes through as undeniably genuine, an expression of a lust for life and music and dancing; the song itself screams out to this sentiment and the accompanying video backs it up brilliantly.

Dance into the Party emerges quite slowly, setting a peaceful ambiance, laying bare the artist’s leading voice in a soft and subtle way, bringing a touch of emotion and realness to the stage before the energy and speed of what follows comes into play. As the rest of the song begins to come through, the melody has something of a nineties R&B style, though as is often the case with Ari B’s vocal performances – there’s something incredibly unique about the sound. Her voice switches between the highs and the lows in a manner that’s pretty unusual. It has a stop and start nature to it, as opposed to presenting something that refuses to pause and insists on being heard within every single millisecond – as is sometimes the case with pop vocalists.

Ari B’s vocal performance style is refreshingly characterful, and this shows with every moment – as the soundscape evolves and grows, through the quiet and loud, the subtle and the bold, her voice adjusts accordingly, and the song benefits greatly from this consistent touch of individuality. It’s a great song, fusing a little bit of those nostalgic dance vibes with something very now and new. A strong release with a good hook and brilliant energy.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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