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Archangel Pxssy


Archangel’s track brings a little bit of dreamlike ambiance and drives it along with some mellow yet confident rap, gradually adding in those hip-hop and r&b vibes. The backing track is really something. The beat is unusually light, the synth riff playing throughout the back drop has a sound that is equal parts calming and slightly haunting. The artist’s leading voice on top of this has, as mentioned, a mellow presentation to it, but with enough off an up close and personal recording that you can pick out and appreciate the tone of his voice and the style of his flow. The whole song has quite a striking atmosphere to it, but for the most part it’s a low energy piece of music, the kind of track hip-hop fans could vibe to on a long journey or wind down to in the evening.

Production wise it’s a job well done. Not just in the creativity present throughout the instrumentation and the effects and the structure, but also in the way that each of the voices has been incorporated into the mix. The focus remains on the song as a whole, rather than constantly drawing your attention to the main voice or any particular lyric. In a lot of ways the backing track soaks up the vocal and everything fits well together.

It’s the musicality of the whole, complete piece that is making it stand out. But there’s also so much clarity in the voices, and so much that you can pick out and listen to, that to adventure further into Archangel’s catalogue of music – to explore the sound and the artist’s character a little further – is likely to appeal to those who are a fan of the genre and the style and are looking for someone new to listen to. Everything is professionally crisp sounding and that makes it all the more effective as a stand alone track.

Listen to Pxssy over on Soundcloud. Visit his Website for more info. Find and follow the artist on Facebook and Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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