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Apexisback brings the darkness, intensity, and character required to give listeners the precise feeling of something epic making a return to the stage. The newly familiar, ever-creative rap-flow of Apex makes itself known early on, but just before this – a classically haunting soundscape moves towards your consciousness with equal parts ambient delicacy and manic rhythm.

At just over two minutes long, the artist needs to make the most of this moment – reach out with style, confidence, and skill, and manage to maintain your attention throughout. What actually happens within this short time-frame, is that Apex’ performance grows more and more impressive with every word and every progressive step through the instrumentation. By the half-way point, Apex’ voice makes its mark, his words and his energy connect unquestionably with the music that supports them, so the whole thing feels complete, ready, realistically crafted and true to the swagger and creative drive of the lyricist and performer at hand.

The beat seems more and more unique with each listen, the opening few bars go on longer than the classic modern hip-hop track – despite the short length of the song, the structure has been utilised artistically. The trap-like broken drum-line adds a mellow layer that contrasts cleverly with the chaos of the ongoing, hypnotic synth riff that plays relentlessly elsewhere. On top of this, certain moments within Apex’ flow really reach to keep up with each opposing burst of energy, so the performance is interesting at all times. It comes through with a smooth sort of strength that works in unison with everything that is original about it, so you’re left clearly knowing the differences between something like this and the bulk of independent hip-hop releases to be found elsewhere.

On top of this, Apex’ album The Elevation Clause is well worth checking it out. Find & follow Apex on FacebookTwitterYouTube & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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