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Ao Tau Moth


From the uniquely atmospheric EP Plasma Loop, creative producer Ao Tau delivers an instantly immersive arena of rhythm and sound, for Moth.

Ambient initially, before finding its industrial roots amidst a tribal groove and cascading electronic synths, Moth features a distorted melodic pattern in its first quarter – sort of dark trip hop with a twist of heavier late-night vibes.

At around the midsection things shift gears distinctly, an alternative Tech House approach taking the reigns with haunting effects and sounds that feel authentically new – and beautifully connected to the artistic depths or images implied by the title.

A similar shift takes place again for the turn towards the final quarter, within which the pace softens, space ensues, and a simple rise and fall chord pattern acts like waves of contemplation or calm after the chaos and excitement of before.

Ao Tau creates from a place of intrigue and ability, balancing curiosity with skill and a clear passion for the escapism or embrace of finely-crafted audio. As such, Plasma Loop in full promises an intricate and enchanting journey for the true music fan – somewhat cinematic, often mellow and hypnotic, always provocative.

Moth depicts a fine example, and a more than worthy introduction to one of the most interesting electronic composers of the current scene.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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