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Anton Cullen Warfare


Anton Cullen’s Warfare is a mind bending, intense and captivating piece of electronic dance music. At precisely three minutes long, the Dublin based producer and session musician has managed to compose and craft a superb musical journey, completely with intricate, structural evolution; the sort that leaves you feeling as if you’ve just witnessed a full length film.

There’s something very specific about Anton’s creative use of synths; sometimes retro – old school game like – sometimes seemingly brand new. It brings about a particular sound and energy that you can’t really compare to anything else. On the one hand, there’s this gentle and dreamlike riff; delicate, minimal in its use of notes, memorable in the way that any ambient melody should be. On the other hand, there’s this distorted, twisted, alternative synth, throbbing in the backdrop, adding an almighty touch of electronic rock and creating what is essentially something completely new and compelling to listen to.

When you listen to it loud, which you should – the music has power. The track is addictive in the feeling it gives you as everything storms into place. The final third is loaded with every bit of fire and electronic passion possible, yet it comes as this complete, effective wave of energy. It’s a professionally, skillfully, creatively collected group of sounds and samples that might not otherwise have seemed likely to work, but they do. They work beautifully. The thickness of the music surrounds you and at full volume the experience is other worldly.

Anton describes the track to be loosely driven by the mental, emotional and spiritual struggles and battles that can take place within the mindKnowing this, and listening at volume, the journey your own mind is taken on is spellbinding.

Download the single Warfare via iTunes or Google Play, or search for it on Spotify. Anton Cullen will be releasing an EDM album towards the end of the year. Find & follow him on Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud to stay in the loop.

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