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Anton Cullen Heaven On Earth


Heaven On Earth is a sensational and softly evolving soundscape that makes you feel as if you’re being held safely in the arms of the world as it lulls you to calmness. The atmospheric effect emerges so delicately, initially presenting only the subtle sound of deep, peaceful breathing, something which continues throughout the track and keeps that level of calm and joy at an all-time high.

Anton Cullen’s work as a producer and creative has been notably varied, his previous release Warfare was perhaps the opposite of this in terms of the energy, the instrumentation, and the overall style. One thing that is certain though, he knows how to build an audio experience for his listeners – how to craft something that is far more than just melodies or riffs and briefly varied beats. Heaven On Earth features the very same skill sets from both a creative perspective and that of music production. The experience here though is something completely new, refreshingly beautiful, and, as stated, unbelievably soothing to listen to.

As a creative, Anton is not afraid to utilise space, allowing mere fragments of sound to pave the way for the journey that will follow. Many producers fear space and pauses and it leads to overly full or chaotic soundscapes. Heaven On Earth is a strong example of attentive craftsmanship in music and why it’s so important. The beat running in the backdrop has a techno-like aura to it, though genre doesn’t really cross your mind as it plays – you’re captivated by everything that meets with you. The rhythm and movement allows the calm to bring with it an all important element of excitement and possibility. The accompanying video, as simplistic as it is, reinforces both the delicacy and the subtle movement in a way that softly but surely enhances the overall effect for the few minutes that you’re involved. As always, an absolute pleasure to listen to and write about.

Download the single via iTunes, Google Play, or stream it on Spotify. Anton Cullen’s brand new EP will be available everywhere online from November 24th. Find & follow him on Facebook, Soundcloud & Twitter to stay updated.

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