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Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers Undeserved


Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers return for the start of the new year to bring audiences yet another beautifully soulful ode to Christianity. As always, their music has a blissful calmness to it – the organic sound of the acoustic guitar, the piano, and the drums, keep things very mellow and pure sounding. On top of this, the leading vocal performance shines with brilliant softness and skill, and so, all in all, the song has the crisp and satisfying finish of any great soul ballad.

The melody of Undeserved is one that really makes its mark quite early on. The sound is reminiscent of early nineties gospel and r&b ballads. It’s refreshing to hear something of such inspiration written and recorded with a slightly more modern twist and yet still maintaining the honesty and dedication that is the essence of gospel music and indeed of the Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers’ general artistic direction.

Undeserved is a beautiful song. Part of what makes it so powerful is the increasing level of emotion – in the performance, in the increasing vocal chorus, and in the heightened intensity of the instrumentation; not least of all the guitar solo that subtly picks up energy as the song progresses. The final section of the song is likely to leave listeners feeling swept away by the melody and the passion of the vocal performances.

Similarly to the effect put forth by the song DeeperUndeserved has a very personal and real presentation to it, and this evolves with the music to become something much bigger and much more all encompassing – poignantly relevant to the emotion expressed in the song and in the lyrics; the passion with which the performance expresses this gratefulness and this feeling of being undeserving. There is a soulful touch of grace to the music that makes it very easy and enjoyable to listen to, and this is true of most, if not all, of the music put out by these artists.

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