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ANTDUAN Propaganda


Crisp production and tribal rhythms unite to offer up a blissful hit of euphoric, energizing EDM as ANTDUAN’s latest single hits the scene.

Fresh from a collection of equally creative and immersive tracks, Propaganda makes its way through a wholly hypnotic post-seven-minute lifespan with grace and grit united.

Taking its time to build, yet enveloping audiences every step of the way with this relentless rhythm and these delicate, soulful synths, the track soon introduces an equally soft melodic lead – almost flute-like in its smooth contrast with the weight found elsewhere. Then we get a fresh bass-line, meandering in a fitting way yet adding further juxtaposition to the mix – essentially broadening the reach of that embrace, of this multi-layered dance ambiance.

As a producer, ANTDUAN brings esseential creativity and professionalism to the stage, but more than this – the music showcases a clear passion for and knowledge of the genre. The extended track length allows for a full exploration of this concept and mood, and the whole thing manages to continue growing more engaging and interesting every step of the way.

The latter half grips you with this sort of funk-driven, late night organic yet synth-soaked brightness and style, right before a brief instrumental interim, and a subsequent drop into the true euphoric ambiance that is this pristine and powerful wash of synths and dreamlike delicacy.

As stated, this is just one of a plethora of original releases from producer ANTDUAN. Before now we were gifted the timeless and recognizable, aptly descending progression that was Rain Drops, along with further immersive hits of escapism from Moon Shadow to Deep Forest. Always the artist manages to build these uniquely expressive, themed soundscapes around listeners – holding close to the imagery implied by the title, and presenting an audio experience that completely transforms the room – and the mindset.

Brilliant. Turn up the volume and drown out the chaos of the world for a while.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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