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Antania Lividity


A blackened bass music project, to break into the Industrial/Metal scene

Something distinctly different and creatively unconfined, to stir and unsettle even the most adventurous of listeners.

Deep low end, a blitzkrieg of slow double bass drums mixed with moments of insane speed, a distortion that sounds like a swarm of locusts…

You’re listening to Antania, a bass music project that’s giving industrial and metal a run for its money.

Something Excision, Skrillex or Zomboy might never do. Dr Luna, the creator of Antania doesn’t download samples or use any stringed instruments at all. Not that he isn’t a fan of guitars, most of his favorite bands come from the 80’s death metal world, it’s just not the goal of his artistry.

Dr Luna, after seeing The Prodigy live in London, embarked upon a journey to create a black metal version of those electro masters. There are no builds and rises that stem from the bass music scene, all songs are written with verses, choruses and terrifying bass lines.

Check out Antania on Tour this Fall:

9/29/23 Oklahoma City OK-Aloha Backyard
10/5/23 Washington DC-Atlas Brewery
10/6/23 Philadelphia PA-The Fire
10/12/23 ST Louis MO-The Crack Fox
10/13/23 Chicago IL- Be Afraid of the Dark FEST
10/14/23 Des Moines IA-Lefty’s
10/15/23-Minneapolis MN-Red Sea
10/21/23-Hollywood CA-Whisky ago-go

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