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Another Day Dawns Psycho


It’s easy to underestimate the impact a truly great rock band can have on a person’s life. They can help shape their thoughts and ideals, help them discover themselves, and in some cases – even save their lives. It’s a rare and special occasion when you discover such a band, and without a doubt, Another Day Dawns is the next truly great rock band.

Another Day Dawns, the hard-rock quartet out of Leighton Pennsylvania, has proved that their unique brand of hard-rock is of the highest caliber thanks to their latest single, Psycho.  The record is hard-hitting yet dynamic, approachable yet progressive, and most importantly – has a wealth of undeniably addicting attitude.

Rife with sludgy guitars and pounding drums, the music of Psycho sounds fantastic. It ebbs and flows, and easily has one of the best breakdowns of 2019. The music also serves as the perfect conduit to convey the all too familiar story of the allure of toxic relationships.

The real star of the show, however, is lead singer Dakota Sean. He has a voice you come across once in a lifetime – something so innately powerful and magnetizing that it just demands an audience’s attention. Sean’s voice is a wonderful blend of Chad Gray of Mudvayne and David Draiman of Disturbed. Even when it’s subdued, his voice is coarse like sandpaper. When Sean lets loose and belts out a scream, his voice rips and roars through just about anything – yet is still disciplined enough to maintain a perfect melody.

Another Day Dawns is at the beginning of what’s sure to be a highly successful career, and if they keep releasing great hard rock tunes like Psycho – they’ll be taking over the world very shortly.

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Larry Iaccio


Born & raised in Philadelphia, Larry is an active member of the local music scene as the drummer for his group Adventure Lost. With a degree in audio engineering & a love for all kinds of rock music, Larry appreciates good production as much as good songwriting. In his free time you can catch him playing way too many video games & watching TV.

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