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Animal Firepower No Escape


Freshly released from the longer project Midnight Sleeper, the Animal Firepower single No Escape underlines a purely musical approach to expression and purposeful escapism.

Employing retro synths and effects alongside a driving rhythm and mood akin to the sci-fi tones of the eighties, No Escape promises a high-octane under-force, alongside a contrastingly delicate downpour of melody and meandering sounds.

The result is a largely juxtaposed realm or space, within which listeners can rightfully lose themselves and indeed commit to considerations unique to their own experiences.

As indicated over on Bandcamp, ‘When words leave off, music begins…’. This fact is celebrated throughout the hypnotic multi-layered embrace of an instrumental No Escape. Despite the otherwise dark or fearful implications of the title, the music offers a near-euphoric and ethereal journey. Mildly vintage by design but still with a crisp, clean and contemporary finish.

Ultimately we’re gifted a cinematic and nostalgic vibe, though with a new melodic thread and interesting, often opposing traits of identity true to the Animal Firepower outlook.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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