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Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice Bombshell


Returning to provoke thought, immerse listeners and educate them all at once, the unforgettable creative outfit Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice flip the script on contemporary music, with the two-side release Bombshell.

Beginning with its multi-layered electronic rock title-track, Bombshell presents a retro floor-filler vibe with passionate vocals. Woven in amidst this is the unique telling of the story of Hedy Lamarr – an inventor and actress made famous during 1940’s and 50’s Hollywood.

A cascading array of synths wrap up an enticing series of scenes and self-reflections on the role of our protagonist Hedy. Complex considerations resolve every time with the simple repeat of this synth-loaded, dance-ready hook and title-line.

As ever, Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice have captured an unexpected niche, proving both devoted storytellers and unrivaled entertainers.

Part two of this intriguing new release is he song The Ballad of Alan Mathison, a story transporting listeners to 1940’s London – the home of AI inventor Alan Turing, during the war.

Creatively the very set-up of this single is entirely different to the opener. A piano-led ballad, a characterful, crackled vintage vocal, quietness and space – an instantly clear story-line of simple lyrical reflections and meandering, unpredictable melodies. All at once we’re confronted by both personality and desperation – quirky vocals relaying images of a bomb-stricken London, of destruction and uncertainty.

The song builds up to form a more explosive rock expression of the clear passion of our protagonist, as the lyrics revert memorably to these ideas of bringing back the fathers, the mothers, and peace.

Inventing and science are the central themes of the two new singles. Both Hedy Lamarr and Alan Turing had a phenomenal impact on today’s society, with the former being considered the creator of Wifi and Bluetooth, and the latter deciphering the Enigma code to essentially free Europe from Nazi rule (as well as gifting us the now infamous AI).

In the same instance, both suffered unfortunate fates, were subjected to prejudice, and remain largely uncelebrated.

Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice are here to change that, and to once again shine light on the lesser revered corners of our history.

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