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Andrea Godin Falling


Back in May, Toronto based singer & songwriter Andrea Godin launched a brand new video for the 80 Empire remix of her track Falling. The video is visually bold and beautifully artistic, not your average pop or dance video at all – a really nicely done bit of cinematography, the colours alone are mesmerizing.

The track behind all of it displays a seductively smooth and powerful vocal performance from the artist, an inescapably memorable hook section, and plenty of summer time shine in the bounce and beat of the music. It’s a well timed release and will no doubt be right at home in summer dance scenes across the world.

Andrea has already made waves in her homeland with tracks like Pages and Bullet, and she is yet to disappoint. Falling is a track that sounds like any strong and smooth pop song should; everything is as it needs to be, technically speaking, and yet what’s great is that the artist brings a brand new energy and positivity to the scene. The music is gentle, yet quite striking, optimistically rhythmic in all the best ways, and consistently showcasing a strong and clearly experienced vocal performance.

At times there are moments reminiscent of early 2000’s summer dance or pop tracks, not necessarily melodically, just in that vibe created by the song writing and the music – it brings back that easy going sound that will fill audiences with nostalgia, and furthermore, get that melody and voice caught right up in their minds.

The remix is really well done, a great fusion of both the song writing aspect and the basic good vibes of dance – nothing is left behind, everything is simply enhanced and highlighted. It sounds great, and the video is brilliantly shot and soaked in a certain sort of creativity. Andrea Godin undoubtedly has a style to her sound and performance that is fresh and exciting. Well worth checking out. Grab your copy of the new remix over on iTunes.

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