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ANDRE Swervin (Feat.OOOJordan)


ANDRE pushes for a fresh sound on this single, a collaboration with OOOJordan. Swervin drives with a simple but effective beat – a few familiar yet slightly left of centre riffs offer a calming ambiance. A lightly trap-inspired drum-line keeps things rhythmic and drifting between the hip hop and RnB worlds. There’s also a minimalist yet unexpectedly strong melody-line that adds further to the latter of these worlds.

Swervin is an easy track to vibe to and indeed to recognise after hearing it even just once. There’s a chilled-out, Mac Miller-like aura to the soundtrack, then you get the equally calm yet auto-tuned vocals that firmly plant the song among the bulk of contemporary release from the genre. Rather than simply pouring through in a constant manner though, the track features a sense of rising intensity – the vocals are easy going until they’re not, then a dash of passion is injected into the mix; a hit of confidence that brings the hip hop edge through a little more sharply.

The simple selling points that make the release pop are the concept, the hook line with which it’s delivered, and that backing track – the scratch-DJ effect adds a stop-start energy to the ambiance and helps it hold tight to that inherent level of character. ANDRE as an artist showcases the best of his abilities with a confident rap flow and a string of lyrics that inspire and motivate from a similarly proud and capable angle. It feels like a track of overcoming, a winning moment and a celebration – the video reinforces this sentiment and this energy level throughout. It’s a memorable single that works well in getting listeners to revel in its energy and remember the sound.

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Rebecca Cullen

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