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Analyn Almerino Making It Up (Feat. DJ Beat Red)


Analyn Almerino and DJ Beat Red collaborate on this single and offer something that’s decidedly unique in a number of ways. The first few moments imply a sort of retro eighties vibe – the synths and the rhythm, the overall soundscape and even the placement of the melodic vocal on top of this; there’s a classic, spacious and nostalgic aura to the set-up. As things progress though, the song evolves to become a number of other things – mainly something of its own entirely.

The verses to this song are a massive highlight, Almerino’s voice offers a certain accessible, relatable tone and quality – the melody has a similar simplicity and a familiar sense of movement to it – all of this makes for a comforting, classically pop-like but simultaneously unusual and quite quirky piece of music and performance.

Following the first introduction of the hook, the next verse satisfies even more so – these moments have a lot more character and appeal than the hook. There’s weight to the chorus, for sure, it veers off again unexpectedly – into this heavier, almost indie-rock vibe, but it’s the verse you’re likely to take away with you after listening.

The final third feels a little chaotic and perhaps excessively colourful, the vocals seem to fade into this wash of detail – as if the leading character is walking off into a busy crowd. From an artistic standpoint, there’s value in this kind of progression – it portrays something a little deeper than the lyrics alone can. Musically though it feels a little unsettling, a strange effect to see come through after what is a genuinely joyful song for the most part; with an easy-going aura about it. In either case, this is an enjoyable release – unique and interesting, easily recognisable after hearing it even just once. In addition – the concept is quite brilliant, I’m making it up as I go along is a line that undoubtedly will connect with so many listeners – we all at some point feel as if we’re doing exactly this, whether at work or in a relationship or in life in general. This central sentiment is represented well by the general flair and vibrancy of the song in full.

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