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Amoeba Teen (Coming On) Stronger


Amoeba Teen’s colourful blend of indie-rock and pop comes through with some uniquely interesting story telling on this latest release. (Coming On) Stronger is a song that leaves its mark on you with just a single listen. This particular arrangement of melodies and riffs, combined with the energy and the concept, topped off with the perfect amount of repetition for the final fade – it all makes certain you remember it for quite some time after listening.

The great thing about a song that works in the way that this does, is that the second time you listen it feels almost impossibly familiar. The rhythm and the organic instrumentation brings with it a certain level of nostalgia – the all too brief yet recent rise of Brit pop just a decade ago left a very specific string of memories in most of our minds. In this case, both the band and the song brings something completely new to the table, though it’s soaked in a definite ocean of all that we know and love about indie.

The sound and style of the band’s leading vocalist – and indeed many of the harmonies and additional vocal melodies – gives off something of a classic pop-rock or even slightly Beach Boys-esque vibe on occasion. Then you pay attention to each line, you start to build up a clearer understanding of what or who the song is about – what it all means, where it all came from. It’s enjoyable, it’s fun, but it’s also interesting – and it sounds great. The band have written a song that sinks in very quickly, and they’ve performed it in a skillful yet colourful way. A live show would almost certainly make for a great night out. Definitely one to watch out for and enjoy.

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