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AMEL D I’m Your Rain


Fresh from AMEL D’s second album, Cross To Hell – due for release in the new year – I’m Your Rain stylishly and emotively highlights the passion and artistic direction of the project; at the same time as providing a powerful and memorable introduction for those new to her work.

Leading with immediate delicacy, a sense of approaching intensity but an accessible softness and honesty, I’m Your Rain tells a deeply personal story, directed at a significant other in a manner that’s easy to make your own – effectively giving the song the alt-rock quality of many of our favourite choices for escapism. AMEL D whispers truthfully, then screams out on our behalf as this heavy and awakening hook kicks into gear.

On the surface, this single breathes a pop-rock aura into the room, a hit of songwriting well-structured enough to uplift and engage with audiences. Contrast is utilized brilliantly, and that hook works its magic with ease. On a deeper level though, there are plenty of hints of character in the song, layers of metal influence and unedited rawness, reality, that help deflect the mainstream tone and bring in something of a more alternative, refreshing aura.

The balance has been well crafted, and more importantly – AMEL D expresses precisely the sentiments intended, both in the writing and the performance. Her vocals reach impeccable, bold peaks that translate powerfully the inherent emotion of the writing. Listen loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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