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Amadante Ecstatic Highs


Euphoric design and soulful vocal brightness allows producer and songwriter Amadante to once again remind listeners of the beauty of now.

Ecstatic Highs is the new single, a soaring electro-pop arrangement with rising energy and distortion to aptly reinforce the growing inspiration and ultimate uplift of the writing.

From dreamy beginnings through intensely heavier layers of fuzz and wave-like melodies, Ecstatic Highs acts as both an immersive EDM-style awakening, and a go-to poetic embrace that connects and comforts.

Featuring interesting vocals throughout a set-up that’s somehow both unpredictable yet satisfying, Ecstatic Highs delivers a rightfully blissful listen, effectively grounding listeners in the current moment, as per its conceptual undertones, but simultaneously elevating their mood in drawing focus to the beauty and value of now.

Designed to make you feel alive and to prompt appreciation for all that’s good in the world, Ecstatic Highs marks yet another unexpected yet beautifully impactful release, from the consistently creative, talented and evocative Amadante.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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