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Amadante Blue Green Yellow


Amadante’s return this season brings an immediately creative soundscape, contrasting a thick and distorted bass layer with delicate, keys-led optimism at the other side of the spectrum.

Soon enough, the aptly titled Blue Green Yellow injects further color and brightness into the process, with a smooth and hopeful vocal line and lyrical backbone, and this develops all the more so with the switch to the hook.

Featuring an ever-unique approach to making pop music, Blue Green Yellow is an accessible yet interesting new release. Amadante’s poetic images and scene-setting reach higher peaks than ever here, increasingly so as the song moves along.

There’s a strong sense of intimacy to the whole thing, it feels honest and personal, yet it doesn’t exclude a broader audience – far from it. This feels like a song to share, a song for all of use to revel in and utilize to connect with those we hold close.

The songwriter’s clever use of color and imagery to reflect on deeper feelings and topics regarding life itself is beautiful, and the production and performance throughout the song reflect this depth and contemplation in a bold and immersive way.

It’s a pleasure to listen in full, at volume, and while it feels clearly relevant and genuine to his style, the song effectively introduces a whole new side to the Amadante thread of artistry.

Download the single via Apple. Check out Amadante on Facebook or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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