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Almost Owen The Way That You Love


It’s been a little while, but you don’t forget an artist name when the music is so consistently enjoyable. This new single from Almost Owen is far from the exception.

The Way That You Love kicks in with a slightly more full pop and even dance-pop vibe than previous releases. From the offset, this electronic dreamland rains down around you. The vocals hit, long-form melodies attaching a partly RnB-inspired aura to things, right before the hook resolves and energizes as a genuine pop-ready moment of unity.

Initially seeming to celebrate love and intimacy, with a musical brightness and a vocal delicacy that naturally suits the implied sentiments of the writing, The Way That You Love is uplifting from a distance, though a little more complicated just beneath the surface. The second verse in particular draws your focus to the details of the story-line, thanks to the breakaway from the energy of the hook before it. The song’s middle-8 has a similar effect – everything strips back to the bare essentials, just briefly, and the topic turns to trust.

This switch in concept is refreshing – life and relationships aren’t always smooth sailing, and this single doesn’t attempt to pretend that they are. Story-line aside though, the positive energy and engaging melody of the song help make this an easy summer anthem – it makes light of difficulty, perhaps, and it brings a certain level of colour and optimism to the room that we could all benefit from. Nicely done.

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Rebecca Cullen

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