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Almost Owen One Lucky Man


Songwriter and artist Almost Owen pays tribute and appreciation to meaningful, lasting friendships with his latest release. For those with a love for pop-rock anthems and uplifting music in general, One Lucky Man is an easy must. For those new to Almost Owen’s music, it makes for the perfect introduction to an artist with a heartfelt and passionate approach to writing and performance; both of which shine brightly throughout this new release.

Where on paper an anthem celebrating friendship might conjure up a certain pop sound, in actuality Almost Owen leads with a beautifully emotional, raspy and expressive leading voice, and an organic set-up that’s easy to visualize in a live setting. This is likely to be where the sound stands the tallest – being that Almost Owen clearly creates from a sincere and inherent love for and connection to the art form; a live show is undoubtedly the next step.

This particular song gets better and better as it progresses, incorporating subtle elements of hip hop alongside of what is some quickly impressive songwriting – a brilliant hook exemplifies the underlying sentiments and offers a fitting, memorable resolve that’s considerably recognisable. There’s a certain coolness to the song, walking hand in hand with that pop core that gives it a widely accessible feel. This balance works well, leaving you humming the tune indefinitely – as well as keen to check out more music from Almost Own.

Download the single via iTunes or stream it on Spotify. Find & follow Almost Owen on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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