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Almost Owen From The Outside


Songwriter extraordinaire Almost Owen is back once again with yet another beautifully well-rounded, heartfelt and colourful pop-rock single.

Barely a couple of months since his last offering, From The Outside emerges with a new kind of light – as is always the case with music from Almost Owen; never an artist to be pigeon-holed. In this case, the single is gorgeously easy-going, and drives with that same sense of optimism and love for life that always seems to stand tall in his writing, but at the same time – the overall sound and style leans off in its own notably folk-pop-like direction. This artistic choice works beautifully considering the context and the story-line.

Almost Owen lays out the scenes for this one, utilizing detail and imagery to a powerful extent as the track moves along towards the ultimate resolve of its hook. By the time that final chorus comes around, the simple melody and celebratory lyrics have well and truly made their connection, and you’re prompted to either seek out the time of your life, or, perhaps more likely, enjoy a little time spent reflecting on good memories.

With each new release that emerges, Almost Owen continues to craft a catalogue and go-to playlist of songs designed to inspire hope and calm – a belief in better and a simultaneous sense of well-being and inner piece. Beautifully set-up, beautifully written, flawlessly performed. A lovely new single from an artist who rightfully shows no signs of slowing down.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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