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All From Nothing Eyes to the Stars


All From Nothing had me hooked on their sound pretty quickly as this EP emerged. Bringing through the same gritty and emotional qualities of punk-pop and rock bands from the early noughties, Space introduces the band’s sound and songwriting style in an immediately compelling way. At the same time, their lead singer has a hint of Puddle Of Mudd to his tone, letting the nostalgia and authenticity multiply and thus the song connect all the more intensely.

What a voice, it reaches its peak during the latter half, and this opening song quickly becomes an explosive and soulful rock moment that’s easily worth hearing at volume; two or three times over.

Party Song follows the opener and you’re well and truly besotted with the sound by now. Songwriting-wise this piece introduces a rightfully upbeat and bright aura – in keeping with the title and showcasing a slightly different side to the band that’s well received at this early stage. You soon come to appreciate that this is a band who will be there for you in any situation – whether you’re experiencing a high or a low, or something in between. Always there’s volume and always the singer and the musicians scream out on behalf of you and this moment you’re in. Party Song is another brilliant track with an infectious level of energy and an anthem-like feel to it. Insane musicianship sees it through to the end.

The pop-punk aura remains for Blame Game, a hint of emo emerges with these power chords and the direct addressing of a significant other in the lyrics. The verses pave the way effectively towards a passionate and mighty hook – short lines are followed by longer-form ones and cascading guitar riffs that brighten up the outer edges. As the music on this project fills the room and embraces you, there are also plenty of deeply thoughtful, relatable lyrics that paint a poetic and understanding picture. All From Nothing offer everything up when they write and perform, it feels genuine and skillful in the very same instance.

Driving with a dreamlike guitar riff and a powerful beat, Burning Trees hits with impact for its wider vision and its inclusion of everyone and everything – as well as its tendency to lean much more noticeably towards metal than anything softer. The song offers a melodic chorus of vocals that provides a huge moment of togetherness, reinforcing the importance of the concept and inviting you right into the centre of the story-line and the truth at the heart of the song. This becomes a highlight for its depth and its use of contrast alike. Spacious verses evolve into a chaotic, manic hook that’s intense and all-encompassing, and this formula repeats throughout – keeping you captivated and concentrating on the song’s sentiment and the mood set by the music.

After the weight and impact of what came before, Down On Me re-injects a little self-reflection and a gentler melody into the project. The emotional longing and the chord progression work well at this point. It’s yet another song that tempts you to repeat it before moving forward.

Jump marks the final song of this EP, an upbeat and colorful piece – high energy again, superb vocals and really impressive, complex melodic development. A stunning song that grows more and more enjoyable with every few seconds that pass. The band manage to maintain a brilliantly skillful balance between intense levels of energy and a delicate emotional honesty; even vulnerability. For these reasons and more, this entire project is a must for music fans who crave that understanding and that volume to really escape within. I’m absolutely a fan and can’t wait to hear more.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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