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Dreamy surf-rock akin to shoegaze but with a blissful clarity – Alice Asara brings together instrumental prowess and soulful, poetic songwriting, for the impressively creative EP SLEEPLESS.

We begin with the warm yet haunting imagery and immersive production of Concrete Anthem, a cinematic and wholly envisioned artistic set-up, strong riffs and distinct vocals carving out both an engaging groove and a fascinating story.

Alice Asara is quick to captivate, these characterful vocals humble yet effective in relaying the vast poetry of the verses. It’s a powerful introduction, and a deeply intriguing song that sets the mood well for the extent of SLEEPLESS.

Creativity reigns again for the synth-chaos and self-reflection of Near the KaDeWe. The sound is entirely different in many ways, almost circus-like in its cascading, descending patterns and the meeting of electric guitar and retro electronica. Another story that grips, provokes thought and holds attention well throughout – another superb example of well-structured songwriting for true impact.

Things get more familiar for the blues-rock stomp and gritty indie lyrics of Neon Wonderer, a recognisable anthem that more naturally meets the mid-album warmth and groove of any timeless indie rock hit; only with a unique twist of that poetic edge again for a haunting, subtle yet striking hook.

Faust’s Lament is beautiful, a softer solo artist haze enchanting as the music and vocals unite to hypnotic results. As ever, the song encourages you to listen more than once, to get a stronger grasp of its depth and indeed to lose yourself all the more so in the dreamy guitar sound and humble, nostalgic vocal performance. A slow-burner but a defiant personal favourite.

We finish with another touch of unsettling chaos, the fast-fingered keys of Who I Am delivering one last dose of vulnerability and genre-free expression that’s instantly recognisable once it’s crossed your path.

If the titles of these songs aren’t enough to get you keen to explore, the lyrics and freedom of the musicianship undoubtedly will. SLEEPLESS is beautiful, a huge rock project on the one hand, an intimate singer-songwriter exploration of self and scenery on the other.

Alice Asara presents as a truly curious artist, writing out of a sheer need to write and make music; the sort that connects for its authenticity and originality in equal parts. SLEEPLESS is wonderful, provocative and honest, engaging and a pleasure to lose yourself within for a while.

Download or stream SLEEPLESS. Find Alice Asara on TikTok & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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