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Alexis Taylor Blame The Whiskey


Alexis Taylor is a name you’re likely to hear more and more of as time goes by. Her latest single Blame The Whiskey is a mighty example of why that is. Taylor brings audiences her crisp and brilliantly performed fusion of country and pop, within which everything from the lyrics to the melody to the musical set-up breathes colour into the genre and showcases the artist’s approach to music in a memorable way.

Blame The Whiskey is the sort of song that immediately seems like a radio hit as the soundscape begins to play. The music has the organic warmth of a live band, complete with electric guitar solos and a big drum-line. Alongside of this though is an undeniable level of pop catchiness, as it were – the song is heartfelt and far from your meaningless mainstream attempt to get views, but it does appeal to the masses for its familiar melodic development and recognizable structure. This balance works well for the whole experience and for Taylor’s representation in general. The song clearly means something very real, it reaches out in a personal way but in one that seeks to connect and make listeners feel understood and perhaps less alone.

Throughout the track Alexis Taylor’s vocals are unquestionable, skillful and effortless in portraying both the gentler notes and those that are loaded with passion and depth. Production-wise too, the finish is crisp and pretty flawless, this display of real-time instrumentation is refreshing in this setting – you can hear the live-band aspect, it’s not all electronic samples and loops. A live show would most probably be about as close to the recording quality as things get. He career has been growing consistently but this is still likely to be just a part of the beginning for Alexis Taylor.

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