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Alexandre Perotto Eternitarian


Sometimes it becomes easy to forget the simple power of music, the emotional wave of escapism it’s able of providing, when things get too noisy or overly colourful and complex. At the same time, certain musicians can practice a piece and play for hours to the point that it becomes more of a mathematical performance than anything built to reach out and connect with other humans. Fortunately, as a powerful remedy to all of this, we have releases like Eternitarian. 

Eternitarian – One who believes in the eternity of the soul.

What Alexandre Perotto has created with this single is something that’s incredibly simple, in theory – a solo piano piece, just two minutes and eleven seconds in length. And yet, when you listen to it, you’re not thinking about the notes or the composition or the skill – you may intend to, but it quickly becomes close to impossible. You instead, almost instantly, become completely lost in the moment and in the emotion of the artist’s expression.

Think of certain pieces from well known soundtracks or classical backgrounds – Ludovico Einaudi, Dietro Casa, or the theme from In Bruges – not only is the music extremely emotive, captivating and drawing from you an immediate desire to listen closely and fully, but it’s also distinctive and characterful in the way that it pours through. There’s a story being told by the listening experience, and Eternitarian in itself, being so short in length, actually makes for a journey that falls upon its own new plain of escapism and enjoyment.

Alexandre Perotto has heart and soul when it comes to music, and to be able to showcase this by means of a two minute, solo instrumental performance, is incredible. Eternitarian is stunning, addictively so and thus extremely easy to listen to four, five or six times over to really let the moment wash over you. This is something you need to hear, at volume, through headphones or speakers that are able to drown out any external noise. The connection is profound and beautiful.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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