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Alexa Morgan All Night Long


Not only does Alexa Morgan have a beautifully smooth, soulful singing voice, but All Night Long has a really great sense of rhythm about it, and this comes through in everything all at once. The melody is beautifully tied to the energy of the beat, which makes for something that is close to impossible not to move to.

All Night Long is a well written and notably honest song, the music offers up a simple ambiance that allows the concept and the artist’s leading voice to really shine brightly and to drive those core ideas with power and realness. The melody has a certain touch of nostalgia to it for me, reminiscent of RnB-pop crossover releases from perhaps a couple of decades ago. However, there’s also something undeniably fresh about it, and this works hard alongside of that inescapable bounce and positive energy the music gives off.

What’s interesting about this release is that the song’s underlying concept is not initially one of positive vibes. The story line deals with the confusing thoughts that come with distrust or the presence of a significant other who makes you question your own value. As things progress, a sense of empowerment or overcoming appears, a personal strength, and this much more clearly lines up with the optimistic energy of the soundscape. The further you get, the various melodies become familiar, the structure starts to sink in more and more, and certain lines really grab you in a memorable way.

The second and third times you listen are likely to seal the deal and leave you singing along with every word and outwardly reacting to every ounce of rhythm and positivity. It’s a really smooth and seductive new single and hopefully there’s a lot more to come from Alexa Morgan.

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