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Alex VanTrue Replay


Alex VanTrue, renowned vocalist and front-man of Europe’s leading Queen Tribute Band ‘One Vision’, brings this brand new single to life with faultless power, heart, and precision.

Written by James Fairchild, Replay builds up slowly – led by soulful guitar work and presenting an acoustic, organic feel from the offset. The single evolves beautifully, subtly enveloping the listener as the passion and strength of the story and indeed its delivery pour through.

Driving with a slightly bluesy, Americana-like core, the song actually rises up in a classic rock fashion – feeling aptly designed for the driving rock ballad compilations that once lit up our commutes.

At the same time, Replay tells its story, step by step, detail by detail – blending observations and feelings with poetic insights and an overall accessible, powerful aura. The sheer display of regret, lyrically and throughout Alex’s own delivery, is overwhelmingly genuine. Furthermore, the use of contrast structurally within the song, helps these huge moments of passion to hit with all the more impact. Quieter instrumental breaks follow each instance of weight, allowing time for reflection, and appreciation of the musical beauty that’s come to pass.

Showcasing the very best of his abilities as an unquestionable rock vocalist, Alex has found his sweet spot with this song. James has written a piece that seems born to be delivered by this singer – it’s a match well made, and the whole thing strikes with nostalgic might thanks to all of this.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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