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Songwriting professional Alex Genadnik takes on yet another interesting perspective, for his latest acoustic folk-pop journey, the long-form melodic and historically-rooted MICHELANGELO.

Featuring equal parts poetic reminiscence, historical context and catchy melodies, MICHELANGELO plays out initially like a love song – verses devoted to adoration, images of oneness and intimate longings.

Soon enough, the chorus lifts us up for the reveal, conceptually tipping its hat to the renowned Vincent, but this time adopting the character and pop-rock presence of Genadnik‘s classic style – the unmistakable vocal-lead, the meandering verses, the big-build-up for the middle-8.

Uniquely again, Genadnik’s MICHELANGELO ignores the names of God and Adam, and instead delves into a reimagining of the work, with a depth of romantic human connection at its core.

Promising beautifully captured visuals of both the artworld and the creative songwriter in performance, with a scenic backdrop, the video release accompanies the single aptly, and makes for an enjoyable, uplifting hit of escapism, which effectively prompts us to appreciate the sheer wonder of art and music in all of their expressive glory.

Check out Alex Genadnik on Facebook, TikTok & Instagram. Header image by Roaring Foam.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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